Invited Talk

Jae Kwang Lee
Hannam University, South Korea
Title : In-Door Positioning System using Beacon

Prof.Lee Jae Kwang (Korea) Obtained his Bachelor of science , Master of science and Doctrate degrees in computer science from Kangwoon University , South korea. Prof.Jae kwang lee submitted his master's thesis on the title of Study on Using Text Editor Addressing Mapping Structure and Ph.d thesis on the title of Information protection protocol in local area networks.

Prof.Jae lee Kwang has specialized in the research areas such as password Information Security, Network Security. From the past 1994, Jae kwang lee published several text books on data communications and networking. He has published around 75 international journals 24 foreign academic published journals and around 136 research papers.Prof. Jae kwang lee started his working carrier in 1986. He served as a Visiting Professor, in American University of Alabama, as a IT Graduate chairman in philipines and served as a different carrieers in different institutions. At present Prof. Jae Kwang lee is working as a dean of research and professor of computer science in Hannam university South korea.



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